Gospel Reflection for September 29, 2013, 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus tells the story of a poor beggar name Lazarus and a rich man.  Both died and their roles reverse.  The rich man suffers while Lazarus rests in the arms of Abraham.  The rich man asks Abraham to send Lazarus to bring him some water.

Abraham replied, “Remember how well you lived when you were alive and how miserable Lazarus was.  Now he has found comfort, but you have found torment.  He cannot help you.  Between you and us is a great abyss that no one can cross.”

Luke 16.25-26

The great abyss that yawns between Lazarus and the rich man in the abode of the dead exists already in the distance between them when they are alive.  The rich man never notices Lazarus begging nor responds to him.  He doesn’t know the other man exists.  The rich man has no idea that his riches are anything but well-deserved blessings from God.  He has no other ethic than spending his money on himself.  He builds no connection between himself and the poor man at his gate.

Who begs at your gate?

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