On faith: An excerpt from Sunday By Sunday

4 Oct

William Cantwell Smith describes faith as the act of the heart that establishes our relationship to the ultimate. The word credo in Latin illustrates his finding across religious traditions.  Credo combines two root words — cor (heart) and do (give).

I believe means I give my heart, my whole self. To believe is to belove, to entrust ourselves to the ultimate source of our being, to affirm our belonging in the whole web of life.

This kind of faith anchors us in the world. It establishes the ground we walk on. It engages us with the inexhaustible holy mystery in which we live. Starry nights, vast oceans, blooming flowers, newborn babies — all invite and inspire awe and relationship to the source of all being. Encountering Jesus — hearing his teaching, witnessing his compassionate actions — invited hi disciples to believe he was the messiah and bind their lives with his.

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