Gospel Reflection for September 18, 2016, 25th Sunday Ordinary Time

13 Sep
Photo via Flickr user Potential Past

Photo via Flickr user Potential Past

Sunday Readings: Amos 8.4-7; 1 Timothy 2.1-8; Luke 16.1-13

“The boss commended the dishonest manager for acting so shrewdly.”

(Luke 16.7)

Strangely Jesus puts an amazing spin on embezzler’s creative response to getting caught and fired. He writes off some of the debts owed his boss, perhaps even writing off some of his own commissions. Praising the schemer is like praising the people talking every day about the presidential candidates not to improve the country and call citizens to seek the common good but to keep programming on TV 24/7 and keep ratings up because ratings sell advertising.

The good the self-serving manager does in the gospel is reducing the debts of the poor, carrying out what Catholic social teaching calls a preferential option for the poor. We are to help the poor before all else. The parable gives people living in poverty the prerogative of determining who will find a home in the messianic age. The safest investment according tot he parable is to throw in our lot with the poor, to serve God rather than pursue wealth.

How do you invest in people in need?

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