Reimagining the Bible, Again

I love a good storyteller. She has to ability to break the present, ordinary moment open to a sense of pure transcendence. A good story invites us into a thin space where we can float in truth and beauty. Go to a story telling event or an amateur comedy night and be reminded how hardContinue reading “Reimagining the Bible, Again”

Holy Ordinary

Your morning coffee ritual. The sound of birds singing outside your window. When, reading the same book for the fifth time straight, your little child leans into you and takes a deep breath. The meditative swish of soapy water over our hands while washing dishes. A welcome home hug from the person who has seenContinue reading “Holy Ordinary”


The Huffington Post recently asked women from all over to share pictures of themselves in a hijab with an explanation of what the hijab means to them. The images are stunning and the descriptions are powerful. These women talk about their agency, their freedom, their ancestry, their faith and their evolving relationship with the headscarf.Continue reading “#HijabToMe”


A student of mine wrote the following and asked for my response: I am fully starting to grapple with being a feminist Catholic, and am personally finding this to be somewhat of an existential crisis. I cannot remove my heightened sensitivity to anything gendered away from me– especially in the faith that I hold soContinue reading “Tensegrity”

Suffering and Joy

In her essay “Joy” from The New York Review of Books, Zadie Smith distinguishes between pleasure and joy. Eating a pineapple popsicle, she says, is pure pleasure. Joy is much different. “The thing no one ever tells you about joy is that it has very little real pleasure in it. And yet if it hadn’t happened atContinue reading “Suffering and Joy”

God, Prayer, and Parking Spaces

“God is not in the business of opening up parking spaces for you,” my theology professor often reminded us. My professor’s voice, speaking this line, comes back to me often as I struggle to find words in prayer. It’s hard to know what to pray for, how to pray. It’s so easy to slip intoContinue reading “God, Prayer, and Parking Spaces”

A More Compassionate Church

The other day, I listened to two Lutheran women talking about a Catholic wedding one woman went to. When it came time for communion, she wasn’t sure if she should go up. She saw other non-Catholics go, so she did, too. She took the wafer and dipped it in the chalice, as is the customContinue reading “A More Compassionate Church”

Urgent Love

In John Lewis’ Walking With the Wind, there is a great scene where the Big 6– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis, Roy Wilkins, James Farmer, A. Philip Randolph and Whitney Young– are discussing plans for the 1963 March on Washington. They are arguing about the word “patience” as it played out in one of the speeches.Continue reading “Urgent Love”

The Sacred Ordinary Now

A few months ago, when the rocks were covered with snow, my family took a plane flight south to chase the sun. During our layover, we found a big open rotunda. My son, just over a year, ran around squealing with happiness. He pointed and pointed urgently out the big windows watching the planes andContinue reading “The Sacred Ordinary Now”

Easter in This Life

“Hang on,” I wrote to my friend yesterday, “Easter is coming.” A lot of people close to me are suffering. A friend’s transplant match fell through. A high school sophomore is having dark thoughts of hurting himself. My dad got a cancer diagnosis and is waiting to hear more about the implications. A friend wasContinue reading “Easter in This Life”