Gospel Reflection for November 27th, First Sunday of Advent

Watch!  Stay awake!  You do not know when the appointed time will come. Mark 13.33 Like us, Jesus’ disciples in Sunday’s gospel want to know what the future will bring.  In Mark 13 they ask Jesus when the end will happen.  Jesus answers that no one knows when the end will be, not the day,Continue reading “Gospel Reflection for November 27th, First Sunday of Advent”

Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry

The first of the six works of mercy named in the gospel for Christ the King (November 20, 2011) is feed the hungry.  The countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, are experiencing their worst drought in 60 years.  Deaths in southern Somalia have reached famine level.  According to Caritas International, the lack of water hasContinue reading “Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry”

Gospel Reflection for November 20, Feast of Christ the King

The just ask, “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or see you thirsty and give you something to drink?  When did we see you were a stranger and welcome you or naked and give you clothing?  When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?” “I assure you,Continue reading “Gospel Reflection for November 20, Feast of Christ the King”


A guest post by Claire Bischoff in reflection of this week’s Gospel Matthew 25:14-30 What do you think are the world’s great hungers? What brings you deep gladness? At my high school, one day each year was set aside for “Vocations Day,” when priests, nuns, and brothers came to talk to our religion classes about their lives.Continue reading “Vocation”

The Power of Lament

Guest post by Ellie Roscher Meet Joe. Joe was a fifteen-year old who was randomly placed in my sophomore Hebrew Scripture class. He walked in disheveled, out of uniform and groggy every morning. He sat in the back, slouched, and never raised his hand. I have learned that instead of becoming offended by a kid likeContinue reading “The Power of Lament”

Gospel Reflection for November 13th, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus said, “To those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing; even what they have will be taken away.” Matthew 25.29 The moral of this Sunday’s parable seems counter-intuitive to the Gospel messages to which we are most accustomed. What happened to “the lastContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for November 13th, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time”

Violence and Human Dignity

How do you define violence? What violence are you exposed to in your community? Guest Post from Claire Bishoff in reflection of Matthew 22:34-40   Until very recently, I did not think much about violence. I was confident that my only exposure to it came through the occasional act of violence I saw in a movieContinue reading “Violence and Human Dignity”

God speaks to me through television, movies, and music

God speaks to me through television, movies, and music. To put it that way makes it sound sort of creepy, as if I actually hear the voice of God coming through my laptop or iPod. What I mean is that, at times, I learn something about God, myself, and creation through these sources. Often thisContinue reading “God speaks to me through television, movies, and music”


Yesterday as its editor, I worked on the Sunday by Sunday issues for Advent, Christmas, and after. The Two Feet feature in the issue for the 1st Sunday of Advent recommends observing World AIDS Day, December 1, by visiting UNAIDS. The World Health Organization initiated this day to reduce the shame and spread of AIDS.Continue reading “AIDS”