Ash Wednesday Prayer

Ash Wednesday is next week, February 17. We have prepared an Ash Wednesday prayer service for those of you who cannot make it to church or who would like to celebrate with those in nursing homes, or with family and friends online. If you have a little bit of palm from last Palm Sunday, burnContinue reading “Ash Wednesday Prayer”

The Legacy of Dust

And to dust we shall return.  I’ve been thinking a lot about bodies lately. And Ash Wednesday always invites me to think about the end of my body’s existence. It will, one day, be dust. Elizabeth Alexander in her memoir The Light of the World, writes about her husband dying. She sees the moment whenContinue reading “The Legacy of Dust”

Lent: A New Beginning

On Ash Wednesday we hear “Remember, you are human.” That is not bad news. After all, Jesus was human, too. Make the most of your humanity this Lent.  Be the best you can be. Here are 12 more ways to choose from as you add color to your Lenten cross. If you have not downloadedContinue reading “Lent: A New Beginning”