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Be Ready For Lent!

29 Jan

Four Ways to Be Ready for Lent


1. The Lent/Easter issues of Sunday by Sunday. Nothing beats sharing the Gospel message with friends and family, especially during Lent. Our special price for the eight Lent/Easter issues is only $2.00 per person. To order call Lacy at 800-232-5533. We will ship them out the next day.



2. Download this cross from our FREE Lent Resources page at A separate page lists color-coded activities to choose from. Do an activity and color a section of the Cross. By Easter you will have a joyful symbol of Jesus’ death and resurrection.



3. Teens created this cross of Lenten practices. Print it and post it in your home. Take turns finding an activity that’s right for each day. Or print a copy for each child and let them decide how to keep Lent in their own way.




4. Make simple daily prayer part of your life this Lent. This folding prayer book isn’t much bigger than a credit card and fits in your purse or picket. Click here to download.



We pray that Lent is filled with blessings for you.


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New Online Retreat!

9 Nov

Pray with the women of the gospel.

We have a new retreat for you, based on Sister Joan’s new book, Holy Women, Full of Grace. We hope these four sessions with gospel women will be an occasion for you to bless your own life in Christ and unite you in prayer with women and girls around the world. You can view the whole table of contents for Holy Women at Please feel free to share this retreat with others. Click here to begin.

Visit to see more of our Advent Resources.

Advent Is Right Around The Corner!

23 Oct

Our Advent issues of Sunday by Sunday bring both groups and individuals into the heart of the Sunday Gospels for this season. Only $4.00 per person (on orders of 10 or more). Call 800-232-5533 to order or visit to order online.

Check back often for more Advent resources as we get closer to the season.


Luke’s Gospel, Written For Us

22 Oct
Sister Joan’s new book, Luke’s Gospel, Written for Us, focuses on the themes and stories unique to Luke’s telling of the good news. Only Luke characterizes Jesus as the Spirit-filled prophet anointed to bring good news to the poor and oppressed. Only Luke has the parables of the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and the persistent widow.
The easy-to-use format of this gospel study makes Luke’s witness to Jesus’ life and teaching available in nine short chapters. Ideal for Bible study groups, small Christian communities, and all who want to explore the themes that hold together the short Gospel excerpts we hear each Sunday. Visit or call 800-232-5533 to order your copy today!

Don’t forget to also check out Sister Joan’s other new book, Holy Women, Full of Grace! Women were always there in the Jesus story. This litany invites you to pray with the women in Mark’s Gospel. This book is an ideal gift.

Bible Study on Luke’s Gospel

16 Oct

A New Book: Written For You!

We read from Luke’s Gospel on 47 Sundays and feast days beginning this Advent. You will get more out of each Sunday with Sister Joan’s new book. Bulk prices make it affordable for Bible study and faith-sharing groups.

Visit our website——to read sample chapters, or just click here. Call us at 800-232-5533 to order. 1-10 copies $10.00 each; 11-99, $8.00; 100 or more, $7.00.

Gospel Reflection for April 8, 2018, 2nd Sunday of Easter

5 Apr

Scripture Readings: Acts 4.32-35, 1 John 5.1-6, John 20.19-31

“Peace be with you. Thomas, take your finger and examine my hands. Put your hand into my side. Do not persist in your unbelief, but believe.” – John 20.26-27

The testimony of those who saw Jesus leaves Thomas unimpressed. He doubts as many people do today. He wants hands-on proof. When Jesus appears again, he invites Thomas to go ahead, “Poke away. If this is what it takes for you to believe, I’m at your disposal.” Thomas responds with a confession that soars above all others, “My Lord and my God.” How do we later generations come to faith, we who are unable to touch the nail holes in Jesus’ hands or the wound in his side?

God is available in the Word. The Word has become flesh not only in the person of Jesus but in the story about him and the words spoken in his name. Sunday’s gospel concludes by expressing the reason for the writing of the gospel stories. “These have been recorded to help you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, so that through this faith you may have life in his name” (John 20.31).

The God who creates is the God who comes among us in Jesus to save, heal, forgive, and make whole. Jesus continues to live among us in the gospel story, which calls us to hear and believe what we can no longer see and believe.

When have you questioned as Thomas did? Where did your questioning lead?

If you enjoy this Gospel Reflection, please visit the Sunday By Sunday page to order a subscription or request a free sample. Start a small bible study. Be a leader.

Keep Easter Alive!

3 Apr

Download Celebrate Easter, prayers and practices for the seven weeks of the Easter season. Visit to see more of our resources.

Celebrate Easter



Gospel Reflection for April 1, 2018, Easter Sunday

26 Mar

Scripture Readings: Acts of the Apostles 10.34,37-42; Colossians 3.1-3; (Vigil Mark 16.1-7) John 20.1-18

“This disciple who had arrived first at the tomb went in. He saw and believed.”  – John 20.8

“Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord.'” – John 20.18

Mary Magdalene brings the whole community of Jesus’ followers the good news, “I have seen the Lord.” Easter testifies to the power of God’s love. Jesus’ resurrection testifies to the impossible coming to be. Every dawn testifies to the giver of our lives, the Holy Spirit, calling us into song like the birds, calling us into deeper roots like the bulbs, calling us with poet Gerard Manley Hopkins to recognize Easter is a verb.

We Christians welcome Jesus to easter in us. What Jesus has done for us in giving himself wholeheartedly we must do for one another. We weave with our love each day a community of love in our world.

How are Jesus and his Spirit eastering in you?

If you enjoy this Gospel Reflection, please visit the Sunday By Sunday page to order a subscription or request a free sample. Start a small bible study. Be a leader.

Blessed Holy Week, Joyful Easter

22 Mar

Sister Joan sends you an Easter poem from the sister who taught her to write. It comes with our prayers for you at this holiest of times.

We are closing the Good Ground Press offices during Holy Week. We will be back on Easter Monday. Please leave a voicemail at 800-232-5533 if you need anything. We will check voicemails regularly. Happy Easter!


Learn About Mark’s Gospel

30 Jan

Mark’s Gospel is the first to be written and the shortest of the four Gospels. Sister Joan shows how the excerpts we hear at Sunday Eucharist in 2018 fit into the whole story of Jesus’ life and ministry. The 11 short chapters and the questions make this book ideal for Bible study and for homiletics.

Click here to read the Table of Contents and sample chapters. Order at or call 800-232-5533. Only $10.00 per book.

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