As it is in Heaven

There is an ancient ceramic dish that sits in the Aga Khan Museum attributed to Samanid Iran. The color and decoration are vibrant and refined for its time, and the inscription reads: Generosity is a disposition of the dwellers of Paradise. In our world, at times, there seems to be a powerful centripetal force pullingContinue reading “As it is in Heaven”

A Single Leaf or Everywhere

Look at the two extremes. Maybe you find truth in Samuel Beckett– that we’re very much alone and it’s scary and annoying and it smells like dirty feet and the most you can hope for is that periodically someone will offer a hand or a rag or a tiny word of encouragement just when you’reContinue reading “A Single Leaf or Everywhere”

Living the Easter Message

Recently, a wise woman pointed out to me that while Catholics tend to spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the season of Lent, we often celebrate Easter Sunday and then forget that we are in the midst of the longest special liturgical season of the church year. The Easter season extends fromContinue reading “Living the Easter Message”