Simple Prayers

Praying can be intimidating because, well, God can be intimidating. If we have not established a regular prayer practice, that first prayer in a while can feel forced, awkward, inauthentic, or riddled with guilt. Whatever do we say to God? Where do we start? I usually start by remembering that prayer does not have toContinue reading “Simple Prayers”


A student of mine wrote the following and asked for my response: I am fully starting to grapple with being a feminist Catholic, and am personally finding this to be somewhat of an existential crisis. I cannot remove my heightened sensitivity to anything gendered away from me– especially in the faith that I hold soContinue reading “Tensegrity”

A Single Leaf or Everywhere

Look at the two extremes. Maybe you find truth in Samuel Beckett– that we’re very much alone and it’s scary and annoying and it smells like dirty feet and the most you can hope for is that periodically someone will offer a hand or a rag or a tiny word of encouragement just when you’reContinue reading “A Single Leaf or Everywhere”

Dwelling in Metaphor

My family loves to be outside. We look forward to walks, hikes, and simply exploring our backyard. When I am playing inside with our son, I find myself assessing the value of our activity. As soon as we step outside, that assessing stops. The inherent goodness of just being outside takes over, and I canContinue reading “Dwelling in Metaphor”