Gospel Reflection for June 6, 2021 – Body and Blood of Christ

Sunday Readings: Exodus 24.3-8; Hebrews 9.11-15;  Mark 14.12-16, 22-26 A colleague who helps primary children prepare for First Communion has a wonderful way to help them understand at their level what eating and drinking Jesus’ body and blood is about. She tells them how much she liked chocolate chip cookies when she was a child likeContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for June 6, 2021 – Body and Blood of Christ”

Gospel Reflection for January 13, 2019, Baptism of the Lord

Sunday Readings: Isaiah 42.1-4,6-7; Titus 2.11-14,3.4-7; Luke 3.15-16,21-22 “As the people were filled with expectation and all were questioning in their hearts whether John might be the messiah, John answered ‘I baptize you with water; but one who is more powerful than I is coming…He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.’” – Luke 3.16Continue reading “Gospel Reflection for January 13, 2019, Baptism of the Lord”

Gospel Reflection for August 14, 2016, 19th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sunday Readings: Jeremiah 38.4-6, 8-10; Hebrews 12.1-4; Luke 12.49-53 “I came to bring fire to the earth…I have baptism with which to be baptized, and what stress I am under until it is completed!” (Luke 12.49) When the evangelist Luke writes about A.D. 85, Jesus has completed his baptism — his suffering, death, resurrection, andContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for August 14, 2016, 19th Sunday Ordinary Time”

Gospel Reflection for January 10, 2016, Baptism of the Lord

Sunday Scripture Readings: Isaiah 40.1-5, 9-11; Titus 2.11-14, 3.4-7; Luke 3.15-16, 21-22 “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” (Luke 3.16) After the exile in Babylon many people return to the land of Israel, rebuild their city and temple, and revive their worship. Then Greek and Roman conquerors arrive, threatening the templeContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for January 10, 2016, Baptism of the Lord”

Love Made Seen

I’m a sucker for the sacraments. They always make me cry. If done well, it really is Christ’s love made tangible in this place. On Sunday our ninth graders got confirmed. I was asked to address them, so I had put a lot of time, into thinking about this specific group of young people andContinue reading “Love Made Seen”

Oscar Romero Proclaims God’s Love

This Saturday, in El Salvador, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be an official candidate for sainthood. He was martyred while saying Mass in March of 1980. Like Pope Francis, Romero wanted a poor church for the poor. Go to the internet to read his story. Let this message from him resonate in your heart today andContinue reading “Oscar Romero Proclaims God’s Love”

Gospel Reflection for January 11, 2015, Baptism of the Lord

Sunday Readings: Isaiah 55.1-11; 1 John 5.1-9; Mark 1.7-11 “You are my beloved Son.  In you I am well pleased.” Mark 7.11 Mark’s gospel, the first to be written, begins with Jesus the adult, God’s beloved Son and servant, one with the Father and Spirit. Baptized Christians share Jesus’ identity. We are God’s beloved, whomContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for January 11, 2015, Baptism of the Lord”

A New Lent

At my grandparents’ house, yellowed palm leaves were seemingly ever-present behind the silver-framed mirror that hung on the wall near their front door. Immediately after Palm Sunday, the palms would add a splash of green to the mauves and light blues of the room. Yet as the church year wore on, the palms would fadeContinue reading “A New Lent”

Beloved Children of God

In this Sunday’s gospel from Matthew, we hear the story of Jesus’ baptism. Jesus goes to the Jordan River to be baptized by John the Baptist, who had been performing baptisms for Jews who wished to repent of their sins. At first, John is uncomfortable with the idea of baptizing Jesus, since John had beenContinue reading “Beloved Children of God”

Gospel Reflection for June 3, 2012, Trinity Sunday

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” Matthew 28.19 Christians follow Jesus’ example in naming God in intimate, relational terms. As baptized Christians, we follow Jesus in calling God Father; we claim kinship with God,Continue reading “Gospel Reflection for June 3, 2012, Trinity Sunday”