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All Souls Day

2 Nov


All Souls Day in a small town meant visiting the cemetery and remembering those in our family who died. Today I am too far away to visit family graves, so I light a candle at the Catholic Relief Services website—crs.org—and select a prayer. I also remember Jesus’ promise, the gospel for November 2nd.

After Jesus told the crowds he was the bread of life, he made this promise. “All that the Father gives me shall come to me. I will never turn away anyone who comes to me. I have come not to do my will but to do the will of the Father who sent me. The Father does not want me to lose anything I have been given. Rather, God wants me to raise up all things on the last day.”

“I tell you the truth. This is the will of my Father: whoever looks upon the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life. I will raise them up on the last day.”  – John 6.37-40

May you find peace and comfort in these words and this day.

Visit our website at goodgroundpress.com for daily prayers and gospel reflection.

Moving On In Lent

25 Feb
Click on the image to download your free Lenten cross.

Click on the image to download your free Lenten cross.

The parable of the fig tree reveals God’s hope and compassion for people. The gardener, who cares for each tree, pleads for more time and more care. Leave it for another year. A little loosening and manuring of the soil, a little more nourishment, and maybe it will bear fruit. Think this week about what fruit you want to bear.

Following are suggestions for actions to do that will add color to your Lenten cross.


  • Buy a crocus. It will remind you to notice the Earth rejuvenating itself.
  • Plant an indoor herb garden on your windowsill.


  • Fast from fast food.
  • Fast from too much television. Give a dime to Catholic Relief Services (crs.org) for every commercial you see this week.


  • Pray with the people of God as often as you can during Lent by going to daily Eucharist.
  • Wash your windows and thank God for what you see more clearly.


  • Read God’s promise to the people in Jeremiah 31.31-34. What do you want inscribed on your heart?
  • You can look up poems on the internet by searching just a few words you remember. Rediscover a poem that meant something to you in the past. Use it to pray.


  • Compliment colleagues and coworkers on ways they do their jobs and on how their work matters to the whole enterprise.
  • Talk more, or talk less.


  • Take part in a group that provides families in poverty with needed household supplies and furniture.
  • Volunteer to tutor immigrants in English.

All Souls’ Day Prayer

2 Nov
Photo via Catholic Relief Services Facebook page.

Photo via Catholic Relief Services Facebook page.


Today we remember and honor the memory of our loved ones who have passed on, as well as for those who have passed on around the world. Click here to view the full prayer from Catholic Relief Services.


Social Action Has Two Feet!

22 Oct


World Food Day 2015

16 Oct
Photo from Facebook page of Catholic Relief Services

Photo from Facebook page of Catholic Relief Services

Today is World Food Day 2015!  This day marks the founding of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. This year’s theme is: “Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty”.  Join in solidarity against hunger, especially among the poorest people. Visit the websites of the Food and Agricultural Organization, Heifer International, and Catholic Relief Services to see how you can contribute and help make this generation a Zero Hunger Generation.

Catholic Relief Services: 70 Years in a Heartbeat

9 May

Learn more about Catholic Relief Services here.

Catholic Relief Services

16 Nov

As stated in this week’s Sunday By Sunday: Many people in our world need help to survive.

AIDS has left thousands of children in Africa without parents. Learn about Catholic Relief Service’s response to these problems:

Catholic Relief Services works in over 30 countries throughout Africa and strives to enhance human dignity, empower the people that it helps and strengthen and support partner organizations. CRS achieves this by working in the areas of food security, peace building, HIV and AIDS, civil society building, Emergency Response and health among others.

Read more

Your Gift of Water Is Something to Celebrate | CRS Voices

29 Feb

Your Gift of Water Is Something to Celebrate | CRS Voices.

Dear Friend,

Getting water is so simple for us: We turn on the faucet, and there it is. When that doesn’t happen—maybe a water pipe breaks or maintenance shuts off the supply—we consider it a huge hardship.

I experienced that once as a young girl in Hong Kong, then a tiny British colony on the edge of China. The Cold War was raging and tensions were always high. Despite that, in a long-standing arrangement, Hong Kong bought most of its water from China. At one point, some dispute flared. China decided to teach us a lesson and cut off our water supply. Hong Kong got water only once every 4 days, and then for only 4 hours…

Read more from Carolyn Woo on the CRS Voices blog!

via Your Gift of Water Is Something to Celebrate | CRS Voices.

Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry

15 Nov

The first of the six works of mercy named in the gospel for Christ the King (November 20, 2011) is feed the hungry.  The countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, are experiencing their worst drought in 60 years.  Deaths in southern Somalia have reached famine level.  According to Caritas International, the lack of water has left at least 10 million people in need of aid.  Pope Benedict XVI has asked for prayer and monetary donations to assist these people.Two Feet of Justice

Why do famines keep happening?
What can you do? 

  • Members of our Good Ground Press staff have participated at Feed My Starving Children in special packaging drives for the famine victims in the Horn of Africa.  To learn more about this organization, visit www.fmsc.org.
  • Catholic Relief Services, the U.S. bishops/international relief and development agency, is accepting donations by phone at (800) 736-3467; online at www.crs.org; or by mail at Archdiocese of Chicago/CRS, 6525 S. Lake Park Ave., Chicago, IL  60653-1402.  Put East Africa in the memo line.  Learn more about the famine on the CRS website.
  • Caritas International is is accepting donations at www.caritas.org.
  • Jesuit Refugee Services is accepting donations by phone at (202)629-5948; online at www.jrusa.org; or by mail to JRS, 1016 16th St., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036.
  • The Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States is accepting contributions to: Pontifical Mission Societies, East Africa Program, 70 W. 36th St., New York, NY  10018 or at www.onefamilyinmission.org.

If you support any other hunger-related charities, please list them in the comments!

Catholic Relief Services: Social Justice in Action

5 Aug

Yesterday, I received an email from Catholic Relief Services (CRS), perhaps you did, too. If not, they are people you’ll want to know.

CRS extends the charity of Catholics of the United States overseas.  CRS is working in Somalia to address the worsening famine. If you would like to know more about the famine, please read CRS’s East Africa Drought Fact Sheet. It provides excellent background information explaining the situation, what CRS is doing, and how we all can help.

If you’re unfamiliar with CRS, sign up for their newsletter, here, read their blog, here, and learn how effective and efficient they are with our donations, here.



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