Gospel Reflection for September 30, 2018, 26th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sunday Readings: Numbers 11.25-29; James 5.1-6; Mark 9.38-48 “Whoever is not against us is for us.”  – Mark 9.40 Often in our disgustingly polarized times, activists, liberal and conservative, reverse Jesus’ saying and eliminate the middle ground. They insist whoever is not for us is against us. Middle ground is liminal space, valuable to preserve for exploring whatContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for September 30, 2018, 26th Sunday Ordinary Time”

Power and Limits of Words

A couple I know are torn about which church to attend. One enjoys a more traditional worship and the other tends toward emerging churches with contemporary worship, but they want to worship together. The former read to me the vision and mission statement of the latter’s favorite church and asked me, “Do you even thinkContinue reading “Power and Limits of Words”

Independence Day: A reflection by Joan Mitchell, CSJ

This weekend, the people of the United States go to parks, play and swim, eat hot dogs, and watch red, white and blue fireworks cascade, explode, and spill down dark night skies. The Fourth of July celebrates the signing of this nation’s Declaration of Independence from England and George III in 1776. We come toContinue reading “Independence Day: A reflection by Joan Mitchell, CSJ”