Birthing God

The days are getting shorter still. The nights are dark and the days are gray. We bundle up, hunker down, light candles, and wait. Advent is upon us, yet again. Our bodies signal to us to slow down, turn inward, and hibernate. Yet Rumi, in his poem “The Body is Like Mary,” invites us toContinue reading “Birthing God”

Extravagant Wastefulness

Sara Groves has a new album coming out soon. In preparation for that, she allowed a film crew to follow her around while she ran errands, and what came out spoke to me loud and clear. She speaks about how¬†pragmatism has infected every institution, including the church. We focus on usefulness, and as a singerContinue reading “Extravagant Wastefulness”

How To Be a Person

Wendell Berry has a poem titled “HOW TO BE A POET¬†(to remind myself).” Even if we do not fancy ourselves as poets, I think it has some helpful tips in reminding us how to be a person. If you are anything like me, we can all use a reminder sometimes: Make a place to sitContinue reading “How To Be a Person”