Our Lady of Guadalupe

In Central and South America the conquering Spanish brought both armies and disease in the 1500s that caused 90% of the native peoples to die. With the Spanish came missionaries that preached the gospels to surviving people such as Juan Diego, on whose tilma we see the image of the holy woman he encounters onContinue reading “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

Gospel Reflection for January 19, 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The fourth gospel begins in God time and enters history only in verse 6, when “a man named John was sent from God…to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him” (1.6-7). Jesus has no birth story and no parents at the beginning of this gospel. Instead he has a dedicated publicContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for January 19, 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time”

On Fishing: An excerpt from Sunday by Sunday by Therese Sherlock, CSJ

My dad was a different man when he was fishing. If we dinged the car or hit a ball through a window, he would growl and shake his head as if to say, “How did I get such dumb kids?” But on the Mississippi River things were different. We anchored in some backwater and castedContinue reading “On Fishing: An excerpt from Sunday by Sunday by Therese Sherlock, CSJ”

Sisters and the Vatican: Time for Real Dialogue

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious is currently meeting in St. Louis, discussing how to respond to Vatican accusations. Naturally I wish I was part of the conversation. I did hear in person Sister Laurie Brink’s keynote address at the 2007 LCWR meeting that has given rise to accusation that sisters are post Christian andContinue reading “Sisters and the Vatican: Time for Real Dialogue”

Independence Day Blessing

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy this excerpt from Blessing Rites for Christian Lives by Shawn Madigan, CSJ “The Lord loves Justice and will not forsake a faithful people” (Psalm 37:28) Holidays celebrating the liberty and justice for all that our nation claims are a good time to renew efforts to make that dream come true.  AContinue reading “Independence Day Blessing”

Response to #KONY2012 from a Sister in Uganda

Marion Weinzapel is one of four Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet working in the Diocese of Gulu, Uganda, with Archbishop John Baptist Odama.  She describes how the Kony 2012 video gone viral complicates the peace process many have long worked on in her own informal interview with him.  INFORMAL CONVERSATION WITH ARCHBISHOP JOHN BAPTIST ODAMAContinue reading “Response to #KONY2012 from a Sister in Uganda”

Sermon 4th Sunday of Advent CSJ Vespers

A girl named Mary pledges her heart and hearth to a pregnancy and a child in Sunday’s gospel.  So attentive to the stirring of the Spirit is this young woman that she hears an angel speak and so unassuming is she that the angel’s greeting totally confuses her.  Who me?  Full of grace and favor? Continue reading “Sermon 4th Sunday of Advent CSJ Vespers”