Happy Feast of St. Francis!

We hope you enjoy this poem of Galway Kinnell, “Saint Francis and the Sow”. The bud stands for all things, even for those things that don’t flower, for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness, to put a hand on its brow of the flowerContinue reading “Happy Feast of St. Francis!”

Poem of the Week

  St. Francis of Assisi is loved by Catholic and non-Catholics. Environmentalists claim him as their patron saint. Jorge Bergoglio added Francis to the list of papal names. Poet Galway Kinnell, a son of Ireland, finds Francis blessing a sow in the hog pen. Enjoy Kinnell’s poem. Find what makes Francis tick, and can inspireContinue reading “Poem of the Week”