Grief Resources

Before we can pray or forgive or even listen, we need to be at peace with ourselves. Grief Journal is one woman’s story of coming through the loss of a young husband and miraculously finding herself. “I had a good marriage and a happy life,” Linda Andreozzi writes. “We had fun. I also drank aContinue reading “Grief Resources”

Snapshots of Grief

A week ago, the youth team was informed that a tenth grader in our church community took his own life. We immediately started getting calls and texts from high schoolers and parents alike saying, “We have to do something. What are we going to do?” We decided to gather as a community a few daysContinue reading “Snapshots of Grief”

Companions in Grief

“Ellie, are we going to pray today?” a tenth grader at church asked me during programming last Wednesday. “Yes, we are going to close in prayer today. Why?” Her chin quivered first for a moment before she broke down into tears. She found out at the end of her school day that a classmate ofContinue reading “Companions in Grief”

Marry Amazement, Take the World Into Your Arms

I was sitting at my writing desk when I received a dreadful text from a student, “Have you heard?” I have a few students who somehow know and remember and care that I am not on Facebook. When important news travels through this medium, they take a moment to reach out to me and makeContinue reading “Marry Amazement, Take the World Into Your Arms”

Fierce Advocacy in Community

This evening a former student came by my place to watch World Cup Soccer with my spouse and I and catch up on life a bit. He brought delectable cannoli from a deli by his house. We talked about his music and his new job. He told me the story of breaking up with hisContinue reading “Fierce Advocacy in Community”

A prayer for those who are grieving

Holy One, we all have experienced times of grief and loss. We bring those memories to you. Heal us and teach us compassion for other who also grieve. We offer our prayers in gratitude for your continuing love for each of us, especially when we feel lost. Heal us, loving God. Teach us, loving God,Continue reading “A prayer for those who are grieving”

A Time for Lament

Last week, my oldest son started kindergarten. Having heard stories from other parents about sobbing in the car after drop off, and knowing myself to be a crier, I anticipated the worst. But he was so excited and ready to be there that I was able to give him a quick hug and a waveContinue reading “A Time for Lament”