Host a Passover Meal Online

The meal Jesus shares with his disciples the night before he dies celebrates Passover, a feast remembering Israel’s escape from slavery in Egypt and journey to freedom in the Promised Land. In the Christian tradition the Holy Thursday Eucharist we share celebrates Jesus’ gift of himself to us and his model of service in washingContinue reading “Host a Passover Meal Online”

Are We Rome?

  Happy Holy Week to you, one and all. On Palm Sunday, we imagined Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. We wondered what this procession of palms may have looked like. Was it to fulfill a prophecy? How many people caught the reference to Zachariah in the moment? Was it, as Crossan and BorgContinue reading “Are We Rome?”

Holy Week: Standing Things on Their Heads

Lent is a time of conversion, a time for changing ourselves and our actions as we strive to better live into our baptismal vows. Holy Week makes a fitting conclusion to this time of conversion, in that what we celebrate during Holy Week radically challenges the way we see the world, at times standing onContinue reading “Holy Week: Standing Things on Their Heads”

The places of Holy Week – an excerpt from Sunday By Sunday

Our celebration of Holy Week originates in our instinct to visit the graves of the dead in order to remember them. Pilgrims flock to Jerusalem during Holy Week each year to walk its narrow streets and visit the sites where Jesus died and was buried. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, built by Helena, motherContinue reading “The places of Holy Week – an excerpt from Sunday By Sunday”

Gospel Reflection for April 1st, Palm/Passion Sunday

Hosanna!  Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Mark 11.9 Holy Week begins by celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem with palms and songs that express honor and praise.  In the Palm Sunday gospel and in the “Holy, Holy, Holy” at every Eucharist, Christians identify Jesus as the one who comesContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for April 1st, Palm/Passion Sunday”