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The Holy Spirit is hope in us this Pentecost

19 May
Photo via Flickr user Lawrence OP

Photo via Flickr user Lawrence OP

Read aloud these words of our sister Joan Chittister. Thank the Holy Spirit for  dwelling within you, speaking through you, showing God’s face in you.

The Holy Spirit moves us to new heights of understanding, to new types of witness, to new dimensions of life needed in the here and now. The static dies under the impulse of the Spirit of a creating God. We do not live in the past. We are not blind beggers on a dark road groping our separate ways towards God. There is a magnet in each of us, a gift of God that repels deceit and impels us toward good. The gifts are mutual, mitered to fit into one another for strength and surety.

We are, in other words, in the most refreshing trite, most obviously astounding way, all in this together — equally adult, equally full members, equally responsible for the Church. Nor does any one dimension of the Church have a monopoly on insight, on grace, on the promptings of God in this place at this time. The Spirit of God is a wild thing, breathing where it will, moving as it pleases, settling on women and men alike.

from In Search of Belief by Joan Chittister, OSB (Liguouri)



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