Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: The Fourth Scenario

Scenario 4: Reconciliation Read scenarios one, two and three here. Doing the work of dialogue and reconciliation resonated with sisters I spoke with at the 2007 meeting. In the scripture Sister Laurie chose for this scenario, Paul describes reconciling old and new as a core ministry in the Church: “So if anyone is in Christ,Continue reading “Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: The Fourth Scenario”

Sisters and the Vatican: Time for Real Dialogue

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious is currently meeting in St. Louis, discussing how to respond to Vatican accusations. Naturally I wish I was part of the conversation. I did hear in person Sister Laurie Brink’s keynote address at the 2007 LCWR meeting that has given rise to accusation that sisters are post Christian andContinue reading “Sisters and the Vatican: Time for Real Dialogue”