Gospel Reflection for October 16, 2016, 29th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sunday Readings: Exodus 17.8-13; 2 Timothy 3.14-4.2; Luke 18.18 “Take up my case. Give me my just rights against my opponent.” – Luke 18.3 The widow in Jesus’ parable this Sunday is not asking for food and basic necessities. She is seeking her “just rights.” The word in Greek, ekdikeo, is not the usual termContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for October 16, 2016, 29th Sunday Ordinary Time”

Justice Through Sport

When I lived in Uruguay, I took a trip to see my friends in Argentina during the 2006 World Cup. It was thrilling to live in South America during the Cup, to be among people who loved the sport and were devoted to their team. We went to a local joint to watch the Argentina-GermanyContinue reading “Justice Through Sport”


Last week I wrote about the idea of giving ourselves over to God in fulfillment of our baptismal promises in relation to the Lenten practice of fasting and abstinence. Along with fasting and abstinence, there are two other traditional pillars of Lenten practice for Catholics: prayer and almsgiving. This week I write about almsgiving, anContinue reading “Almsgiving”