Luke’s Gospel: The Whole Story

This year—2019—is the year of Luke. Beginning right after Easter, we hear the story of the early Church from the Acts of the Apostles. Starting in June, all the Sunday Gospels are from Luke, right up until Advent. Study Luke’s writings along with the worshiping Church. Sister Joan’s short Bible study focuses on the themes and stories uniqueContinue reading “Luke’s Gospel: The Whole Story”

Gospel Reflection for May 13, 2018, Ascension

Sunday Readings: Acts 1.1-11;Ephesians 1.17-23; Mark 16.15-20 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”  – John 16.15 “Why do you stand looking into the heaven?”  – Acts 1.11 Up is where God is in the ancient world. Up still represents the top rung. The ladder of success goes up.Continue reading “Gospel Reflection for May 13, 2018, Ascension”

Gospel Reflection for May 17, 2015, Ascension

Sunday Readings: Acts 1.1-11; Ephesians 1.17-23; Mark 16.15-20 “Go to the whole world and preach the gospel.” (Mark 16.15) The ascension is the hinge event between Jesus’ resurrection and his sending of the Spirit. Luke’s gospel ends with Jesus’ ascension and the Acts of the Apostles begins with the same scene. Luke draws on ancientContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for May 17, 2015, Ascension”

Family Vacation, Spiritual Journey? Part 1

Family Vacation, Spiritual Journey? Part 1. Coming weekly beginning in August, the work of Claire Bischoff who currently writes In Luke 9:51-62, we are told that Jesus sets his face to go to Jerusalem. His journey, which is narrated over the next ten chapters in Luke, will take him first to his death on the cross butContinue reading “Family Vacation, Spiritual Journey? Part 1”

Gospel Reflection for January 1, Mary Mother of God

Mary pondered all these words in her heart.  Luke 2.19 For insight into Mary, the Mother of God on her feast day, Sunday’s gospel offers only the fact she has given birth and the single sentence above.  That sentence turns on the single word pondered.  This word suggests her character in the narrative.  Mary pondersContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for January 1, Mary Mother of God”