Finish coloring in your Lenten cross!

These are the last suggestions for your Lenten cross. PLANT Plant heirloom or organic seeds. Start annuals from seed instead of buying flats at the greenhouse. SIMPLIFY Sort through your clothes and shoes. Donate what you don’t need. Minimize the electricity you use for a day. Eat by candlelight. PRAY Count your blessings. Develop aContinue reading “Finish coloring in your Lenten cross!”

Lent Is A Time To Shine

The light of God showing through Jesus bedazzles his disciples in Sunday’s gospel of the Transfiguration, giving us a glimpse of Easter early in Lent. The Transfiguration calls us to our Lenten transformation into Christ, to shine with love of every neighbor. Spring also calls us to the new life of Easter. Sunlight blesses usContinue reading “Lent Is A Time To Shine”