Holy Ordinary

Your morning coffee ritual. The sound of birds singing outside your window. When, reading the same book for the fifth time straight, your little child leans into you and takes a deep breath. The meditative swish of soapy water over our hands while washing dishes. A welcome home hug from the person who has seenContinue reading “Holy Ordinary”

Seeing Possibility

A guest post from Claire Bischoff After the fasting, prayer, and almsgiving of Lent and the joyous celebration of the Easter season, we return this Sunday to Ordinary Time. While our “regular” calendar is divided into twelve months beginning in January, the liturgical year is divided into liturgical seasons beginning with Advent. Each season hasContinue reading “Seeing Possibility”

2012 is the Year of St. Mark

Mark is the focus of 2012. The year 2012 is the year of Mark, Cycle B, in the Church’s cycles of scripture readings. The first to be written and the closest to oral traditions, Mark’s gospel originates in the watershed year A.D. 70, the year the Roman 10th Legion destroys the temple in Jerusalem, leaving notContinue reading “2012 is the Year of St. Mark”