Bodies Broken Open to Love

I am in my last two months of pregnancy. My body no longer belongs to me. The baby who has taken up residence in my womb the past months is making him or herself known in a whole new way. I will be perpetually uncomfortable, absorbing internal blows, adjusting to weight gain, rubbing sore feet,Continue reading “Bodies Broken Open to Love”

Making Room For Jesus

The season of Epiphany, this sacred time after Christmas, always brings me back to Mary, and how she made room in her life for Jesus. When she learned of the child growing inside of her, I imagine her having to rearrange her mind and heart a bit to make room for another person. She hadContinue reading “Making Room For Jesus”

Uncomfortable Miracles

Last week, during an intermission at a choral concert, my friend and I were comparing notes about our rapidly changing bodies. Her third baby is due on November 24 and my first is due on November 30. “Do these pews seem shallow to you?” she asked me. “I can’t get comfortable.” “Is it really hotContinue reading “Uncomfortable Miracles”