Birthing God

The days are getting shorter still. The nights are dark and the days are gray. We bundle up, hunker down, light candles, and wait. Advent is upon us, yet again. Our bodies signal to us to slow down, turn inward, and hibernate. Yet Rumi, in his poem “The Body is Like Mary,” invites us toContinue reading “Birthing God”

Spices from Heaven

Invisible spices are falling from heaven all the time. If your eye is not holding its hand out, or your mouth or heart not open, how will you ever get a full taste of something that will cure you of many things? –Rumi Advent is a time when invisible spices fall from heaven. It isContinue reading “Spices from Heaven”

God’s Jokes

Each fall I retreat with youth, away from the city. Away from the city, where one need not be so on guard, the beauty of giving to all around many again rise in you. –Rumi In past years, I have been in charge of the teaching on fall retreat. I pick a theme, research, acquireContinue reading “God’s Jokes”