Merry Christmas from Good Ground Press

The Ox and the Donkey’s Carol poem by Sister Alice Smith, CSJ ~ art by Gertrude Mueller Nelson The Christ child lay in the ox’s stall The stars shone great and the stars shone small, but one bright star outshone them all. The cattle stood in the cleanly straw, and strange to them was theContinue reading “Merry Christmas from Good Ground Press”

Poem of the Week

August 15 is the summer feast of Mary. Read this poem aloud to bring back to your heart all the ways we have learned to praise the Mother of God and our mother. Lines for a Feast of Our Lady by Alice Smith, CSJ What shall be added to your praises? The lip-worn, love-worn, heart-wornContinue reading “Poem of the Week”

Poem of the week

Each week this summer we are posting a poem on Keeping Faith Today — Sister Joan’s blog. This week’s poem is by Sister Alice Smith, CSJ, who taught Joan all she knows about writing. Thank you, Sister Alice! Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you. Mary of Nazareth
 Mary Queen of Heaven is aContinue reading “Poem of the week”

April Sonnet

Heart-waking is the word Sister Alice Smith invents to describe spring and Easter poetically in her April sonnet. Theologically the God who creates and sustains the cosmos is the God who raised up Jesus to new life and promises us lasting friendship. Liturgically Lent moves toward spring and Easter. In the northern hemisphere flowers andContinue reading “April Sonnet”