Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

When Joseph didn’t know what to do about his pregnant fiancée, he slept on it. In his dreams, an angel eased his doubt and gave him courage to act. Pray to Joseph today to fill your heart with hope and with the willingness to see God at work where you never imagined.

 Joseph is patronContinue reading “Happy St. Joseph’s Day!”

50 Years as a Sister of St. Joseph, by Joan Mitchell

 Joan Mitchell, CSJ celebrated her Golden Jubilee as a Sister of St. Joseph this week. She gave this reflection to her fellow Jubilarians on St. Joseph’s Day. Fifty years ago when our reception walked down the aisle at St. Kate’s Chapel in wedding dresses and left in black with new names, we committed to servingContinue reading “50 Years as a Sister of St. Joseph, by Joan Mitchell”

Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

As Sisters of St. Joseph we celebrate the feast of our patron on March 19 and take a break from Lent for festivities. Joseph is also the patron of the universal Church, so March 19 is a feast we can all claim. Joseph also gives us an example of an ordinary husband and father who faces extraordinary challenges.Continue reading “Happy St. Joseph’s Day!”