Cultivating the Wisdom of Vatican II

Sister Joan has written five two-page summaries of the teaching of this extraordinary council. Click here to read and download this free online retreat. Find a friend to talk with. Or put a notice in your parish bulletin calling people together around this topic.

Keeping Faith

My memories of the notorious sixties are not the free love and abandon of the sexual revolution but the incredible revival of the Catholic Church at Vatican II and the civil rights marches upending Jim Crow.  In that decade we experienced finding a way where there is no way.  The impossible can come to be.Continue reading “Keeping Faith”

Gospel Reflection for October 4, 2015, 27th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sunday Readings: Genesis 2.18-24; Hebrews 2.9-11; Mark 10.2-12 “Tell us, does the Law allow a husband to divorce his wife?” (Mark 10.2) Marriage is the topic in Sunday’s gospel.  In Rome this Sunday the Synod on the Family begins.  Second marriages is one topic on the agenda.  Many people in the pews pray the SpiritContinue reading “Gospel Reflection for October 4, 2015, 27th Sunday Ordinary Time”

Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: The Fourth Scenario

Scenario 4: Reconciliation Read scenarios one, two and three here. Doing the work of dialogue and reconciliation resonated with sisters I spoke with at the 2007 meeting. In the scripture Sister Laurie chose for this scenario, Paul describes reconciling old and new as a core ministry in the Church: “So if anyone is in Christ,Continue reading “Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: The Fourth Scenario”

Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: Scenario 3

Scenario 3: Sojourning in a Strange Land Read about the first and second scenarios by Joan Mitchell, CSJ. The third scenario tells the heartbreaking story of Hagar (Genesis 21.9-21). Hagar is Sarah’s Egyptian maidservant. African American women have long identified with Hagar because she is both a servant and a surrogate mother as many blackContinue reading “Possible Futures for Catholic Sisters: Scenario 3”