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World Food Day 2015

16 Oct
Photo from Facebook page of Catholic Relief Services

Photo from Facebook page of Catholic Relief Services

Today is World Food Day 2015!  This day marks the founding of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. This year’s theme is: “Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty”.  Join in solidarity against hunger, especially among the poorest people. Visit the websites of the Food and Agricultural Organization, Heifer International, and Catholic Relief Services to see how you can contribute and help make this generation a Zero Hunger Generation.

World Food Day

16 Oct

“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” – Matthew 25.35

Today is World Food Day. World farmers produce enough food for Earth’s more than six billion people, but nearly 870 million people struggle to survive on less than a $1.25 a day with little access to Earth’s abundance.

Contact Bread for the World or worldfoodday.org to involve your Christian community in the advocacy efforts on behalf of policies to end hunger.

Social Action: Bread for the World

3 Oct

Social action has two feet.

Serving our neighbors means we act in charity and for justice. Charity is about responding to people’s immediate needs – serving a meal at a shelter, stocking a food pantry. Justice identifies ways to work for systemic change with national or international organizations. For example, celebrate Bread for the World Sunday in your parish on one of the Sundays between World Food Day (October 16) and Thanksgiving.

Contact Bread for the World for its packet on the 2013 effort to stop irreversible damage to malnourished children in their first 1,000 days of life and mobilize collective action internationally to Scale Up Nutrition for Mothers and Children.

Hunger: What You Need To Know – #WorldFoodDay 2012

16 Oct

Learn more about World Food Day here. How are you getting involved?

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